Price List

Consultation   Price  
Skin Specialist   R500*  
*Cost of therapist consultation will be off-set against any future treatment purchased      
Skin Peels Duration 25% or 30% or 35% 50% or 70%
Optiphi Lipohydroxy Acid (LHA) Peel   R730  
Optiphi 30|30 Peel   R900  
Optiphi Glycolic Acid Skin Peels      
Face & neck 30 min R950 R1175
Neck & chest 30 min R1015 R1175
Face, neck & chest 45 min R1475 R1850
Hands 30 min R630 R775
Arms & hands 40 min R1700 R2150
Feet 30 min R770 R930
Upper back 40 min R1300 R1855
Full back 50 min R2610 R3390
Full Body 90 min R4255 R4690
Dermaceutic Skin Peels (Face Only) Duration Price  
Mask Peel 30 min R520  
Milk Peel 30 min R950  
Cosmo Peel (TCA) 30 min R1750  
Cosmo Forte Peel 30 min R3050 (R4500 for 2)
Mela Peel 30 min R2990  
Mela Forte Peel 30 min R3400  
Facials Duration Price  
Optiphi Classic Stimulating 60 min R950  
Optiphi Classic Radiance Boost 90 min R950  
Optiphi Classic Hydrate & Repair 90 min R950  
Optiphi Classic Firming Peptide 75 min R950  
Pure Signature Facial 60 min R1650  
Facial & Peel add-ons Duration Price  
O.Mask 10 min R240  
Facial Cupping 10 - 30 min R150 - R400  
Massage (additional 15 mins) 15 min R200  
Laser Therapy Duration Price per Session  
Limelight / IPL 15 - 30 min R1195 - R2800  
Laser Genesis 15 – 40 min R985 - R2535  
Laser Genesis Eye Therapy 20 min R1190  
Laser Genesis Lip Therapy 15 min R985  
Vascular Therapy (removal of spider veins) 10 – 30 min R1400 – R3500  
Laser Hair Removal - Face Duration Price per Session  
Upper Lip 15 min R465 - R600  
Sideburns 15 min R350 - R490  
Forehead 15 min R420  
Unibrow 15 min R370  
Chin 15 min R370  
Jawline 15 min R420  
Ears / Nose 15 min R280  
Cheeks 15 min R770  
Beard Men 30 min R915  
Full Face 45 min R1230  
Neck (front or back) Men 30 min R885  
Neck (front and back) Men 30 min R1445  
Full Beard including front & back neck Men 60 min R2110  
Laser Hair Removal - Arms Duration Price per Session  
Underarms 30 min R690 - R845  
Arms - Top or Bottom Half 30 min R985 - R1120  
Full Arms 45 min R1780 - R2030  
Hands 30 min R350 - R420  
Laser Hair Removal - Torso Duration Price per Session  
Chest 30 min R455 - R1685  
Shoulders Men 30 min R1700  
Chest & Shoulders Men 60 min R3150  
Upper Back and Shoulders 30 min R3150  
Upper Back or Lower Back 30 min R1960  
Full Back 60 min R3500  
Umbilicus 15 min R350 - R490  
Areola 15 min R350 - R490  
Stomach 15 min R455 - R1685  
Laser Hair Removal - Bikini Duration Price per Session  
Standard Bikini 30 min R700  
Brazilian Bikini 30 min R1250  
Hollywood Bikini 45 min R1400  
Laser Hair Removal - Legs Duration Price per Session  
1/2 Leg incl. knee (upper or lower) 30 min R1800 - R2800  
Full Leg 60 min R3200 - R4200  
Feet 15 min R355 - R490  
Brow & Lash Treatments   Price  
Brow Shape   R90  
Brow Tint   R90  
Lash Extensions   TBA  
Lash Tint   R175  
Lash Enhancement Treatment (home care)   R1300  
Injectables   Price  
Botulinum Toxin*   R90 per unit  
Hyperhydrosis botulinum toxin treatment: underarms*   R6000  
Hyperhydrosis botulinum toxin treatment: hands or feet*   R3000  
Restylane Dermal Fillers*   From R2350  
Liquid Facelift*   From R13 000  
Dermapen (full face & neck)   R1965  
Dermapen (scarring)   from R845  
Dermapen (hands)   R775  
Hair Restoration with Dermapen or IntroFill Injector   R1965 - R3200  
Specialised Dermapen (Dermapen, Glycolic Peel & O.Mask)   R2300  
Pixel Peel (Dermapen & TCA Peel)   R2810  
PRP (Plasma-Rich Platelet) Therapy with Dermapen or IntroFill Injector   R3395 - R3800  
Skin Boosters with IntroFill Injector   R3800   
*This treatment is performed by a registered healthcare professional and requires a consultation with them before the treatment can be done.      
Permanent Make-Up Duration 1st Treatment Touch-up (after 6 weeks) Touch-up (after 2 months)
Eyebrows (microblading technique) 120 min R2810 R1080 R2015
Eyeliner (upper & lower) 120 min R2470 R945 R1750
Eyeliner (upper) 120 min R1685 R690 R1350
Eyeliner (lower) 120 min R1685 R690 R1350
Thick Eyeliner (upper & lower) 120 min R2810 R1080 R2015
Thick Eyeliner & Wings (upper) 120 min R2015 R900 R1685
Thick Eyeliner (upper) 120 min R2015 R900 R1685
Full lips (incl. lip liner) 120 min R3260 R1215 R2430
Lip Line 120 min R1685 R690 R1350
IV Therapy*   Price  
Immun-o-Drip   R950  
Pure Glo Drip   R950  
Fit Drip   R950  
Recovery Drip   R950  
* Administered by a registered nurse or doctor      
Body Treatments Duration Price  
Reflexology 30 min R645  
Stretch Marks (per area, per session, includes recovery cream) 40 min R4775  
Optiphi Classic Facials Purchase 5 and get 1 free  
Laser Hair Removal Purchase 5 and get 1 free  
Optiphi Peels Purchase 5 and get 1 free  
Dermaceutic Peels Purchase 5 and get 1 free  
IV Therapy Purchase 5 and get 1 free  
Dermapen Purchase 5 and get 1 free  


24 Hours notice is required for cancellations & rescheduling of appointments after which the full treatment will be charged for. Finance for treatments over the value of R5000 can be applied for, from credit providers Incred


Indications include rosacea, broken capillaries, spider veins and redness on the cheeks / chin area. A combination of the therapies below could be used to treat redness.

Indications include acne scarring, pitting, indentations, uneven texture, keloids, surgery scarring, injury scarring and skin depression. A combination of the therapies below could be used to treat scarring.

Indications include congestion, blackheads, hormonal breakout and adult acne. A combination of the therapies below could be used to treat acne.

Indications include hyperpigmentation, sun damage, dark spots, masking, age spots, liver spots, uneven skin tone and melasma (pregnancy mask). A combination of the therapies below could be used to treat pigmentation.

Indications include taut, flaking, rough or dull skin, loss of elasticity, superficial lines and irritated / stressed skin. A combination of the therapies below could be used to treat dull & dehydrated skin.

Indications include loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, crow's feet, sagging, nasolabial folds and enlarged pores. A combination of the therapies below could be used to treat ageing skin.

Dermapen 3 + 1
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