Our skin is under constant attack by the aging process, ultra violet radiation from the sun, environmental pollutants, the food we eat and micro-organisms. In time with age our skin changes. We can however, effectively slow this process by improving hydration, skin barrier function, pigmentation, skin firmness, wrinkles, roughness, pore size and redness. In order to achieve this, we need to rehabilitate the skin on a daily basis, through the use of OptiPhi skin peels and the home-care range.

Optiphi is clinically proved to improve wrinkles, skin firmness & tone, pigmentation, redness, pores and hydration. Surprisingly, most people using Opitphi for the first time, experience improvement in appearance within the first few days of use.

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Why only address the quality of the skin on the face? The Optiphi® Curve Range keeps the skin on the rest of our bodies in optimal health. The Curve Range includes:

Cellulite Therapy
The Optiphi approach to reducing cellulite works by treating the underlying causes on a cellular level. By improving cellular function and curbing fluids trapped under the skin, this formulation prevents and addresses cellulite by stimulating molecular mechanisms and increasing blood circulation.

Stretchmark Therapy
Stretchmark's are a result of tearing the dermal skin layers. By strengthening skin structure and improving skin cohesion we can improve the visible effect. Stretchmark Therapy also works to increase skin elasticity and firmness to help prevent new stretchmark formation.

Give your skin a sensual glow with the dual-action chemical and enzymatic body exfoliant. This is a "mini body peel" that will leave your skin feeling soft and looking radiant. Ophtiphi's unique acid complex gently removes dead skin cells, calms your skin and reinstates vital anti-oxidants.

β– Body Wash
This invigorating body cleanser will leave your skin soft and feeling refreshed. The combined effects of pure white Jojoba Beads and Beta-Hydroxy exfoliating acid gently cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise.

PHI-Body Buffer
Formulated as a skin smoothing add-on for your body treatment routine. This buffing cloth will ensure thorough exfoliation to smooth rough areas and increase cellular oxidation and circulation, for optimal skin health.

Solar Shield SPF 50 (Full Body Sunscreen)
Nothing ages the skin quite like sun exposure. Solar Shield SPF 50 is a light, fast absorbing broad-spectrum UV filter formulated for an active lifestyle.

Curve Body Lotion
The perfect every day body moisturiser. This luxurious hydrating lotion replenishes your skin's moisture reservoir for immediate and long-term skin hydration.

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